Emergency Services

Dallas & Houston Emergency Roof Services

From flat tires to crazy weather, stuff happens. When that sudden chaos affects your roof and home, you need a team you can trust to be fast, responsive, and dependable. At Results Roofing, we’ve got you covered — literally — when disaster strikes. Our team is known throughout the Dallas & Houston areas for our emergency roof repair services.

Types of Roofing Emergencies We Help Handle

As most homeowners know, anything can happen to a roof. That’s why our expert team is trained to handle a variety of situations. Here’s a sampling of what we cover:

  • Tree and tree limb damage
  • Major leaks
  • Tornado damage
  • Hurricane
  • Hail damage

Roofing Help to Keep You Calm During an Emergency

Roofing emergencies are already stressful. You don’t need a frustrating, slow-moving roof repair team to complicate things. At Results Roofing, our customers are our priority. We want to deliver fast and timely service with integrity, honesty, and accountability at our core.

Roofing Insurance Help

One of the reasons we started Results Roofing was because we kept seeing homeowners get bogged down in insurance jargon. No one was there to help them navigate the paperwork and processes of dealing with insurance companies and roofing teams.

Results Roofing steps in to handle paperwork on behalf of our customers. Our trained technicians do a comprehensive inspection of your roof and will often notice things the insurance teams miss. Let us focus on the insurance element so you can focus on your family’s safety after an emergency.

Our Results Roofing Promise

Emergencies are hard, but you don’t have to go it alone. Our team at Results Roofing helps customers every step of the way when it comes to roof maintenance and repair. Excellent customer service is the name of the game, whether you need a 360-degree inspection, routine maintenance, or an after-hours emergency repair. Get started today by giving us a call or filling out the form.

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    Get to know our CEO, Dustin

    Get a quick deep dive into the life of our founder and CEO, Dustin. Starting from humble beginnings in Austin, Dustin ventured off to Dallas and started by running multiple locations in the fitness industry. After having to deal with some contractors that were less than ethical, Dustin took it upon himself to start up his own roofing company “Results Roofing”.  Check out our interview with Dustin to learn more about him, and Results Roofing. If you’d like to meet Dustin to discuss your roofing needs, please don’t hesitate to click the call button below.  Our offices are on standby and here to serve you with excellence in service.

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